A Global Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well in Lily’s case, the village has been global.

On the day she was born, when we were completely beside ourselves, a dear friend came to the hospital arms full of supplies and food. She cried with and embraced my husband because what else was there to do.    

My mother and brother, and later my sister, flew half way around the world to Hong Kong be with us.   

My other sister in South Africa gave me so much courage and encouragement.

Our midwife, with whom we’d not even had our antenatal classes, came to the hospital and gently cared for me.  She was a gem who supported us all the way through the rest of the year. 

Once I was discharged, bouquet after bouquet of beautiful flowers arrived at our door. 

Special family friends in Hong Kong delivered full meals to our door week after week.

My mother in law arranged prayers for Lily in her UK and South Africa prayer groups. My mum and sister lit a candle for her every day in the cathedral.    My ex-boss and now friend’s daughters included Lily in prayers at school. 

We received regular messages of love and encouragement from so many people. 

Whilst most of this love and moral support came from far away, we were enveloped in love, and drew so much strength and courage from it.  And there is no question that Lily drew strength and courage from it too.  

SuperLily is dedicated to all these incredible people.