You know that dream where you’re at school or you’re about to give a presentation at work, and you realise you’re completely naked?  Well, after publishing SuperLily and my first blog last week, I have to admit that I felt a little like that. 

Until that point, ours had been such a private journey and, I wondered, had I exposed us and opened up our vulnerability by sending it all out into the ether?

However, when I woke up to receive so many messages of encouragement, I knew instantly this was a subject that had resonated widely and that I was right to pursue it.  

The fact of the matter is, whether you have a preemie, or a child with special needs, or a full term baby who is not disabled, or you’re the aunt, uncle, grandparent, carer to ANY child, you know how precarious new life or just, life, can be.     

You said how brave and resilient we were.  Whilst it would be easy to dismiss these comments, and say that anyone would do the same in the circumstances, the truth is that it does take courage and it requires huge amounts of resilience.   So, thank you. 

You said it had moved you, that you admired my desire to help others, that I was a positive force.  Thank you for saying so, your validation means a lot to me. 

I certainly hope that through SuperLily I can help others to be brave, resilient and a positive force for their own superhero babies. 

Please help me by sharing the SuperLily website, Facebook and Instagram pages with family, friends, colleagues and any connections who may benefit. 

I welcome ideas, information, guest bloggers and anyone who might want to collaborate!

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